Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

CMC Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, grey metallic, leather red Handmounted full metal model. Built of more than 895 parts Beside two standard paintings, you can choose between four more special paintings Interiour with especially for the SLR developed soft Silver-Arrow-Leather. Three different leather colours (red, black, gray) harmonised to the painting Display of the engine hood and the rear spoiler (air brake) in a complete new advanced manufacturing technology. Made of pressed copper plate Base plate made of stabel metal and realisation of the aerodynamic base plate concept with exactly replication of the six-channel-diffusor as ending element Dual transverse control arm. Axels of metal with functional suspension Fantastic miniaturisation of the complete Mercedes-AMC-V-8-Compressor-Engine with all aggregates, complete cabeling Movable engine-hood with a costly hinge construction. Motion sequence of opening an closing, built after the original Consequent replication of the gullwing doors with original bindet hinge on the front roof pillar Movable spoiler and airbrake integrated into the trunk deck Costly manueal prodution of the prominent side gills and the with gills populated airinlets of the engine hood made of filigrane single metal parts Sidepipes made of metal Movable tank flap Metal Rails with graven SLR-writing on the entrance Exact display of the wheels in laborious steel casting. High class polished turbine blades with integrated valve at the wheel rim Detailled replication of the Bi-Xenon lights and the rear lightning with by hand implemented LED imitations Padded bucket seats and all other interior also made of the original SLR Silver-Arrow-Leather
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